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Important Website Traffic Information For Site Owners

But, this is not the case and will be the end of many websites that take this approach or lack of knowledge. Did you know that there are over 4,000,000 plus websites on the internet today. However, there are also something like over 1,000,000 spam sites clogging up the internet too. These spam sites divert traffic from all the useful sites.

They send your visitors into advertising nets that are a maze to get out of and full of those annoying pop ups. Those types of sites are generally designed with the sole purpose of generating traffic and not actually providing the web with any useful information.

Visitors do not just magically appear at your site. Ok, maybe you have a few people accidentally come across your website or blog, but there is a slim chance that they will actually stay there for very long. The reason for not getting website traffic to your website or blog straight away is because all traffic needs a source.

People need to see a link to the site and then clink on that link to get to your site. Alternatively, they need to see the address on some form of marketing and then physically search for your website or blog from there.

But, there is also another form of traffic that you want to get as well. It's called organic search engine traffic. When you have a new website and you want it to be seen in the search engines, then this is the type of traffic that you want to attract.

This is the hardest kind of website traffic to build though, because your site needs to be pretty near the top of the search engines and attract visitors to click on it. Remember too, that you are also in competition with over 4,000,000 other websites. So, if your site is sitting on page 99 of the Google page ranking for any particular keywords, then it unlikely that your site will get noticed at all.

Your keywords should also be ones that are common and searched for very often. If you use random or obscure keywords, then is likely that you will only get a few hits. You should also remember that you are able to buy traffic too. For about $100 or so, you can buy traffic from a company. But just because you're buying this traffic does not guarantee in any way that you're going to make money.

If those visitors are only random and untargeted then it's likely that you are not going to make any profit and will in fact be a waste of your time and money. What you need to be doing is finding viable techniques for getting website traffic. What we are wanting to do is create a steady stream of traffic, because if you don't have that then you won't make any money from your website and you will not do very well.

Website Traffic and Sales:

As every website owner should know, traffic is the key to making sales, and a sale is your key to making money on the internet. Traffic is sales and profit, but it must be targeted traffic, people willing to buy. You're not wanting a lot of visits from people not intending to buy your product or service. So, you should try to avoid those traffic generating schemes that seem too good to be true, because they probably are.

There are many methods that traffic can create money for you, including:

· More sales - by attracting more visitors, the more chance you have of selling that product or service. With the more products and services you sell, the more money you make.
· Create a list of prospects - a mailing list is the best way to keep visitors informed of your business. When you create traffic to your site you are also able to build your list.
· Get your site noticed - by attracting more traffic to your site, then the more people are going to get to know who you are.

These people will then tell others about your site and business and they will hopefully then visit your website also and ultimately buy your product. It's really very simple - if don't have any traffic, then you're not going to make any money. That's just the way things work, whether it be a high street shop or your online business.

Two Methods For Getting Traffic:

There are two ways that you can generate traffic on the Internet. They are pretty easy and concise and include:

1. Free Traffic
2. Paid Traffic

Free traffic is not totally free traffic. Well, it's free in monetary terms but will cost you in terms of time and effort. Also, neither way is guaranteed to generate you traffic or earn you money, but it is a great place to begin and both of these traffic generating techniques are can be extremely powerful when used to it full potential.

Paying for traffic is a useful tool, but it depends on the kind of product that you are wanting to sell. If you're using the Google AdWords program, then you should be using paid advertising to generate your traffic in a very efficient way.

Visitors that click on you advertisement are more likely to have an interest in what you are sell, and they are more likely to purchase your product. Along with this, those people that click on your adverts generally have the idea that they will be sent to site that paid for that placement and know that they will be sent to a site that will be offering them something for sale.

This is generally the correct way to make money from paid traffic. But of course there also and incorrect way to use AdWords yet still make money! EG: Perry Marshall is an expert in the use of paid advertising to get traffic and make a profit, but he uses Google AdWords incorrectly. Then again though, there is also Jimmy Brown, who merely gives away free reports and can generate a huge amount of viral traffic this way. He can generate traffic with little effort and does it all for free.

If you look at both approaches, you're likely to find that there's no straight answer for what is the best technique. Both are effective if used appropriately and aimed to your product. On the other hand though, you can do a whole lot of work and make a whole lot of nothing too. It's just about how you are able to control the medium.